Release Notes for version 3,0,1,540

  • Release Notes for version 3,0,1,540

    Version information 3,0,1,540.

    The following changes have been made to HART PMS since the last release.

    Appearance changes that do not affect the functionality of the application e.g. field width, colour changes or button rearrangement are not mentioned in this document.



    Room Rack can be viewed by room rate type.

    Advanced deposit receipts can be printed automatically.

    Advanced deposits cannot have null date.

    Booking proformas can have larger guest titles.

    Restaurant Diary time lookup reflects only the specific times for the specific day.

    Tentative bookings can be split inside the Room Rack without creating discrepancies in the Availability report.

    Restaurant Diary can be exported in .xls format.


     Close Day checks for Tentative bookings also.

     Package changes in CHI reservations do not affect the Extras folios.

    Extra space was created for more taxes visible in Invoices.


    ‘Review’ button in Memberships.

    ‘Membership Merge’ possibility.

    Rate Plan levels can be viewed per room type.

    Rate Matrix can be viewed by room Rate Type.

    Changed Yield logic (overbooking, stop sales etc).

    Active flag in Segment/Sub segment for future enhancements.

    Rate Restrictions are being taken into account in Rate Query.

    Functionality to delete existing Rate Restrictions.

    Extended Rate Restrictions for Minimul Lenght of Stay per day.

    Fixed bug that prevented History from being displayed in Banquet Service rates.

    Fixed issues in creating/editing Rate Plans in Restaurant/SPA/Functions.


    Delivery backdating improvements.

    Taxes button in Items open a re-designed window.

    Stock Take not affected by zero quantities.

    Delivery total discount field works properly.

    Negative quantity in Deliveries does not trigger error in discounts message box.

    Deliveries 4 digit quantity.

    Fixed Purchase Order crash.

    Fixed the recipe into recipe issue.


     Voucher import.

     Modify window re-designed.


    Added Review (for recalculate financials and merge) in reservation Rewards.

    Hotel Services added Item button that creates item from service.

    Added ‘Exclude Table’ utility for flexible restaurant setups.

    ‘Sales Group Merge’ in Menu Cards.

    POS code for Void and Cancel Reasons added.

    Void reasons tab added.

    ‘Clear’ button in Users that removes all the non functioning HART users’.

    Various enhancements in user handling.

    POS code for Void and Cancel Reasons added.

    Removed Start button from P&L configuration.

    Financial Units -> ‘Rooms’ field unlocked.

    Changes in Room Types do not affect room count.

    Password column in Users accepts more characters.

    Fixed ‘Purchase Order’ printout and ‘Delivery’ (account) printout (they belong in Folio Design so the printout is configurable by the user).


    Close Hotel functionality fixed.


    Added ‘Agent Home Country’ option in ‘Business Analysis’.

    Added ‘Weekly Pace’ report in Sales Reports.

    Added Business Analysis by Creation date.

    Users/Operators Report.

    ‘User Roles’ report.

    Room Plan report ordered by Room Order.

    Complimentary items included in ‘Sales Analysis’ report.

    Business Analysis Report by Unit.

    Prayer Sheet by Unit.

    New User Roles report.

    Fixed Departures calculation in Manager Report.

    Fixed ‘Departure List’ that displayed guest ID instead of the balance.

    Segmentation report removed blacked out sections in totals.

    Main Courante fix to get the discounted prices.


    Added POS void reasons.

    Added auto discount to member payments.

    Fixed POS credit receipts detaxations.

    Fixed display issues in POS passwords inputs.

    Check for paper end of Algodriver (digital signature-GR).

    Fixed POS member payment bug.

    Fixed Reprint POS printout.

    No new order in open table permitted.

    Guest button enhancements.

    Fixed Debtor button in Payment window in POS.


    Added new Accounting Code (R)etail.

    Added SMS icon in SPA Diary.

    Added picture logo per white label.

    Password Complex option that requires strong password for HART logins (capital, lower case, number, symbol and more than 8 chars long).

    Trust certification.

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