Release Notes for version 3,0,1,558

  • Release Notes for version 3,0,1,558

    Version information 3,0,1,558.

    The following changes have been made to HART PMS/POS since the last release.

    Appearance changes that do not affect the functionality of the application e.g. field width, colour changes or button rearrangement are not mentioned in this document.



     Spa Diary added Complimentary checkbox and Save button in Class datawindow.

     Restaurant Diary includes day of stay & package.

     Fixed Filter in Room Rack.


     Departures Wizard added Bill button for batch Info printout.


     Rate Plans added master discount for derived rates.

     Rate Matrix available by Unit (also from the Wizard).


     Items→ Glasses button to create glasses for Beverage.

     Copy POS Group prices. Just updates the prices of the existing items from one group to another.

     Transfers: the Convert button is not covered by the record count.


     Tidy tooltip.

     Sales Ledger payments are included in folio reprint. This is a quick way to handle comissions.


     Global Complex Password. Forces passwords to include upper case letters,numbers and at least 2 sybols.

     Global Logon Policy. After 3 unsuccessful logon attempts, the system revokes access for 5 minutes.

     New Payment Type: Voucher.

     Multiple delete in Rotas by checking the checkboxes.

     Report Scheduler. Multiple recipients if separated by a comma.

     Auto Email Reports. Sends the reports set in Report Scheduler after Close Day.

     Configuration→ Outlets→ Init with Plan to open POS with the Table Plan.

     Added HTML template import.

     Automated Campaign Step Entry.

     Changed the DDList of Contact

     Folio Design added c_address that combines the 2 address fields in one.

     Added Communication Methods for Guests.

     Folio Design added c_city that combines the city,zip and country fields in one.

     Users Password scrolls horizontally accepting more characters.



     Departures report added email.

     Arrival List report added Guest stays including reservation_id and sort by arrival.

     Added Deposit in Arrival List.

     Service Package Analysis by Unit.

     Business Analysis by Unit.

     Combined reports in Sales Ledger Reports.

     Combined reports in YearView.

     Combined reports in Invoice List.

     Combined Reports in Supplier Reports.

     Combined reports in Payments.

     P&L: added Highlight Summary checkbox in Parts to decide what to be displayed in P&L Highlights.

     List of POS operators with password available to administrator.

     Manager Report breakdown by restaurant.

     Complimentary items included in ‘Sales Analysis’ report.

     Business Analysis Report by Unit.

     Prayer Sheet by Unit.

     Function Sheet displays the actual size of the logo file.

     Redesigned Prayer Sheet to include breakdown of all restaurant facilities.

     KEPYO fixes.


     New POS printout method Graphics (UK, Americas) logo dimensions 320*150.

     Outlet close functionality from POS and from Hart Outlets.

     Narrow Shift Report.

     POS Transfer Table displays Guest Name when target table selected.

     POS can select Guest without needing to have items in the order

     POS operator name instead of id in Open Order.


     Lookups that are not Active cannot be selected. Inactive in red.



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