Release Notes for Version 3,0,1,670.

  • Release Notes for Version 3,0,1,670.

    Release Notes

    Version information 3,0,1,670.

    The following changes have been made to HART PMS since the last release:


    Appearance changes that do not affect the functionality of the application e.g. field width, colour changes or button rearrangement are not mentioned in this document.




      An ‘Adjust’ button has been added inside the Financials tab of the Function Booking window allowing the user to correct charges generated at Check in. Whilst you are on the same day, if the number of people has changed or an error in the financials is discovered after the Check in, the user has the option to cancel the check-in generated charges and redo them. The ‘?’ right next to the ‘Adjust’ button gives a very short description of the button.

      The user can attach any type of document inside the Documents tab added inside all types of reservations. This is available from a Document tab added to all reservation types.

      The Function Booking Proforma now allows the user to exclude room reservations that have a Pay Own Account billing (and deposits).

      The Spa Diary legend (Diary→ View→ Legend) now has a new legend for the Group Ref.

      The Function Diary now allows the user to edit the Function Booking from the Weekly View of the Diary.


      Spa Package Wizard now doesn’t allow the user to add more reservations that they are meant to (Quantity) by blocking the Package Scheduling (>>) button.

      The user cannot book more buggies than the property owns for Golf Bookings (overbooking option removed to avoid potential problems).


    Front Desk:


      The user can cancel a Room Check in by pressing the ‘Check In’ button again. You can cancel check in for reservations only on the same day and only if no charges have been added to the Billing tab. Any processed deposits will fall back inside the Traces tab and the reservation will become Definite again.


    Sales Office:


      A new type of Rate Plans has been created for users who prefer to work on Bedroom Rates daily. The Daily Rate Plans allow the user to create and edit daily rates for a selected period. A separate document analyses how this works.



    No changes.



    No changes.




      Inside the Configuration→ Global→ Advanced tab→ Backdate Settings→ Invoice you can key in the number of days inside the current month, that you allow users to edit deliveries for the previous month. I.e. When you enter 20 and the current month is December, that means that you can backdate the deliveries of November until the 20th of December.

      A ‘Currency Symbol’ field has been added in Global→ Advanced allowing the user to enter the desired currency symbol that will appear on the Barcodes report (Reports→ Point of Sales).

      The user can now enter an order number for the spa rooms depending on how he wants them to appear on the Spa Diary (Configuration→ Facilities→ Spa & Fitness→ Rooms→ Order field). If no order number is entered there, then rooms appear in alphabetical order.

      Certain outlets can now work without asking for a password for price changes and discounts. This is configured in Configuration->Outlets (top part of the window→ Discount→ check Auth).

      For the Housekeeping mobile application to work the user can go to Configuration-> Housekeeping-> Attendants-> and create the attendant information there. The PIN field is something new and very important because this is the number that the mobile application will ask for, to show assignments. There is a special code (1801) that gives access to all rooms (in case assignments are not previously set).




      The user can now filter and create Housekeeping Assignments by Floor and Section.

      The tablet/phone housekeeping utility has been rolled out. A separate document describes its use.




      The Function Changes report (in Sales Reports) allows the user to see changes for a specific function ID (no matter the dates selected on the calendar) or for a specific period, regardless of the function ID (all function changes).

      The user can run the Transaction Journal report and filter it by Revenue or Payment where he can make multiple selections of revenue centres or payment methods accordingly.

      The availability report now allows the user to see all rates for the previously selected reservation.



    No changes.




      User signature has been added to templates. Just add the tag $$UserName$$.

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