Release Notes for version 3,0,1,874

  • Release Notes for version 3,0,1,874

    Version information 3,0,1,874.
    The following changes have been made to HART PMS since the last release.
    Appearance changes that do not affect the functionality of the application e.g. field width, colour changes or button rearrangement are not mentioned in this document.


    Function Booking: ‘Auto Activities’ enhancements (added dates based on: arrival, departure, creation date, today).
    Email check in all Profiles. Checks whether the emails have the correct format.
    Function changes in Meeting Type, Status and Menus trigger a pop up message for logging.
    Added button to manually log things in Functions (inside the window that pops up when pressing the Sheet button).
    Function Booking: If the Co-ordinator changes in a function, the co-ordinator’s traces change as well.
    Postcode lookup fetches all addresses for the specified Post Code. Double click selects.
    Added Move button in Restaurant booking in order to move reservation from one Restaurant to another. It wipes the Table.
    Added a new bookmark for .dot called stay rooms, which is populated by all the rooms that the given room reservation was moved in.
    Course Planner payments show the date.
    Courses added date.
    Courses added Voucher payment
    Changed Group Booking window size.
    Function Booking→ ‘Food Show’ button fetches the items and the alternatives of the selected Menu. Using ‘Create’ you can add the ones with non zero quantity to the Function. Optionally you can change the Prices afterwards if you want to override the Menu card prices.
    Added Charge/Payment and Terminal in Non Resident Booking Billing.
    Function Diary (Global→ Advanced) works either as it was or it can contain ‘Prospect’ as well.
    Function Diary weekly needs at least one period to work from now on.
    Function Proforma design and mark up.
    Function Booking: Renamed Enquiry to Prospect.
    Function Booking→ When ‘Persons’ change, it pops up a window with 3 selection: A) No change to Events pax, B )Change to all Events pax, C)Change only to the Events that had the same pax as the changed Persons value. After that it pops a message saying to retrieve the Function again to see the new values.
    Function Booking→’ Event Notes’ button copies Notes to all Banquet’s events.
    Function Booking→ Attendees→ Confirm button→ Attendees window. Added ‘Filter’ so you can choose one Attendee only. Useful for the Templates when you want to send to one Attendee rather than all.
    Function Activities: Departures that have no Status will be created via the Close Day. In other words, Close Day will get today’s function departures (before changing the hotel date), get their Meeting Type and check the auto Activities (if Activities on Departure with no Status exist). If so, it will create the Activities X days after departure as stated.
    Function Booking→ Payment Plan.
    Function Proforma: Payment Plan section.
    Event Summary→ Delete does not take you back.
    Fixed Attendees billing in Functions and added Child Attendees with rate calculated -with discount on the Attendee rate.
    Function Booking→ ‘Event Notes’ pop up window asks if the Note is for the current Event or all Function Events.
    Function Booking→ Food (Items) added: Order(#) and Notes.
    Class → Deposits and automatic POS orders changes:
    + Fixed issues with -,-W,+D buttons that appeared not to operate.
    + You can assign Deposits in each person in the Class.
    + Added ‘Price’ next to each class guest.
    + When Deposits for the class exist, a new window on top of the Class window appears showing all deposits.
    + Class people that have deposits on, cannot be deleted from class.
    + When you CheckIn, it takes all the people that have a price, are of Definite Status and not Complimentary and creates automatic POS Orders for each with the ‘Price’ each one has in the Class window. It also adds the deposits in the order payments.
    + Reminder: The Service Centre must be associated with an Outlet and the Service with an Item that must exist in the Menu Card of the Outlet.
    Group Booking→ Rates Display Adults.
    Group Booking→ Rates Added a ‘Summary Stays/rates’ tab at the bottom (under misc).
    Class→ Checks if deposit exists before deleting a class member.
    Function Booking→ Accounts displays contacts as well.
    Proformas→ ‘Not a VAT Invoice’ text added.
    Function Booking→ Charge Last Day checkbox.
    Function Contract→ Fixed blank pages.
    Function Contract→ Added today’s date and manager name in the bottom before signatures.
    Golf→ Freeform format.
    Golf Diary→ Added Find Booking ID functionality.
    Group Booking→ Notes→ Append button: It appends the selected Note to all Individual Reservations notes of the Group.
    Function Booking→ Financials→ Generate Payment Plan button deletes the existing Payment Plan and re-calculates. If deposit exists, it adds it as a negative Payment.
    Room Booking: Commission column (that was previously showing the Account that gets the commission) now shows the Commission Plans (Set in Configuration→ Financials→ Commissions tab).
    Function Booking→ Proforma: More bank details (this is programmatically entered for now).
    Guest Wizard→ New Profile→ Zip on Tab it pops up and fills in the Addresses of the inputted zip code (exactly like in Guest profile) Note: Global→ Advanced→ Postcode = GetAddress.
    Restaurant Diary->Seat button crash fixed


    Added check in Vouchers screen so that the ‘Amount Paid’ cannot exceed the ‘Voucher Value’.
    Added Voucher payment to SPA Courses.
    Terminal payment and CC in Cash Card window.
    Transactions done via Terminal cannot be altered. Appear in pink background in the Billing tabs.
    Room Names appear in Invoices.
    Traces are wrapped in order to be displayed fully.
    On Close Day HART processes Auto Traces for Arrival/Departures without Status.
    Proforma Banquet→ Removed ‘Deposits’ and ‘Pay Own Account’ checkboxes. Default to show ‘Deposits’ and not ‘Pay own account’.
    Payments using the CC Integration (Terminal) cannot be deleted from Check Out screens.
    Non Resident Bookings cannot change a CheckIn status from the Status drop down list anymore.
    Fixed the Voucher expiration issue (it calculated Days for Months).


    Account→ Complaints tab renamed to Feedback.
    Contact→ Position accepts 200 characters.
    Profile Merge: Added ‘Duplicates’ button.
    Added ReCalculate button in Function and Group Rates.
    Deliveries: In cases where HART cannot find the last purchase price, it returns the cost in Items.
    Guest Query now considers the’ No email’ available entry as no email.
    Accounts→ Added ‘Comm’ tab. In there, the emails to the account contacts are displayed.


    Menu: Added ‘Display Order’.
    Item Backdating fixed for Items (not in Deliveries and in Item Merge).
    StockTake Re-engineered and added Tare,Whole/Portion (doubleclick) for more accurate stock
    Added Materials→ Live Stock and Stock Check Sheet, so users do not need to open Stock Report to check things.


    Added limit in Sales Ledger Folios. Folio Charge for PMS and close order in Folio for POS both check if the balance and the amount exceed the limit. If so, it does complete the procedure.
    Sales Ledger→ Transactions → You cannot issue a credit record prior to the hotel day.
    Sales Ledger payments cannot be backdated.
    Reverted BackDate check in Credit (Unallocated/Batch Pay).


    Golf configuration→ Added BuggyItem and Golf Item configuration.
    Payment methods extra check before deletion.The Waterpik Ultra Countertop best water flosser for braces provides excellent water flossing performance.
    Global→ Advanced added CC integration column. If cc integration is checked then the Credit card type payments are not selectable.
    Added Activities List Restrictions in Global→
    Users Email column is now wider and has horizontal scroll.
    Outlets: Added ‘Preparation Addon Summary’ checkbox. If checked, right after the Preparation printout, it prints the summary of the Order Add-ons (only in Graphics for now).
    Invoice Template→ A template with 4 specific Bookmarks (Hotel, UserPhone, UserEmail, UserName) that can go along with the Invoice emailing.
    Financials→ Taxes→ Added Extra Definition column that is a refix in the tax dropdown.
    Word templates always search for 4 specific Bookmarks (Hotel, UserPhone, UserEmail, UserName) that fill in automatically.
    Configuration→ Financials→ Email button: In the pop up window we added a new button called ‘Default’ that inputs a very basic HTML template for Invoice emailing.
    Access→ Images Added custom image and placing for Proformas and Function Sheet.
    Folio Design→ Added a (not visible so it does not mess the folio designs – can be modified like any other column there) column called reservation_id in the Folio Types (1,2,3,4,7,20).
    View Folio shows exactly as it would be printed (no overlapping in the view).
    Folio Design → Added new Column reservation_id.
    Configuration→ Housekeeping→ Types tab: On the bottom there is the Housekeeping Schedule. We added ‘Every other day’. When selected each housekeeping scenario is applied every N days.
    Function Contract added in Configuration→ Access→ Images for logo management.
    Global→ Advanced→ Fallback Payment in terminal integration scenarios. We put the payment method that the transaction will be registered if the Card Scheme provided by the Card is not found inside Configuration→ Financials→ Payments→ card Scheme.
    Global→ Advanced→ No Manual CC When Verifone or WorldPay is selected (so we have CC integration) AND the users cannot add credit card payments manually (the credit card payment methods are either not displayed or rejected).
    Folio Viewer → Fixed Invoice displayed (header/footer do not overlay on the rest of the invoice while scrolling up/down).
    Global->Advanced Fallback Payment Id has scrollbar and is not affected by the No Manual CC checkbox.


    No changes.


    Expenses by Cost Centre redesign (only show Net, added LY and Budget).
    Trial Balance enhancements.
    Added ‘Folios with Limits’ report (Summary + Journal) to check the billings that have balance and amount limit.
    Housekeeping Checklist report: added ‘Adults’ column.
    New report ‘Contacts by Account’.
    Shift and Financial reports are taking the Voucher Postage into account now.
    New report ‘Account Breakdown’.
    Added period selection in Segment Matrix and in most Financial reports.
    Function Business: Added Creation Date in the result set.
    Batch Function Sheets report: New selection to print only the data of the selected day.
    Function Business Report→ Added Attendees (sum of Adults from Attendees tab – Persons as Pax) and ‘Handled By’.
    Function Sheet added Price, Charge.
    Arrival Reports and Arrival Wizard→ Displays full VIP name.
    Activities report: Added ‘Own’ button so someone can create Traces for himself.
    Revenue Report: Added Revenue Code filter.
    Activity Report→ Added Guest Comms selection which fetches email templates from Guest Comms as well as PDF invoices sent to customers (double click).
    Business Analysis added Agent/Rate and Status report.
    Reports→ Financials→ Discounts→ Point of Sales & Checks→ Partial House checks are in red
    Function Sheet report does not auto retrieve.
    Function Booking→ Food added Notes and Order
    Discounts→ Point of Sales & Checks→ Shows partially house discharged checks in red and displays NetAmount and the final discharge amount.
    Function Business report->Added Payment Plans report.
    Function Sheet→ Added Billing Type.
    Stock Report→ Re-engineered to show amounts (values) rather than quantities.
    Reports→ Departures fixed a bug causing crash for email address more than 50 characters.
    Businees Analysis→ Takes Functions into consideration.
    Financials→ It retrieves all the reservations that depart in that period and calculates the commissions. The commission always goes to the Agent.
    Added Children in Function Sheet delegates.
    Fixed Accommodation retrieval in Function Sheet.
    Sales Ledger Reports→ Aging Analysis new method Configured. In Financials->Sales Ledger we can create custom Periods and override the Step/Increment.
    Weekly Function Diary→ Fixed Edit Booking.
    Activity report: Profile button works for Guests as well. Fixed Group summaries.


    POS receipt show Room No.
    POS Included screen added F/R which toggles between Room and Function. In Function it adds a negative ‘Include’ entry based on the Menu.
    POS: Save button is now green to distinguish from Close.
    POS: Plan Menu button on the right.
    POS: ‘Cash Back’ button (next to Exit) and checkbox in ‘Payment Methods’ to select the ‘Cash Back’ method.
    Fixed Shift report inside POS to show the Cash Backs correctly


    Changes in active bills are logged by the system.
    Terminal payment functionality redesigned.
    Transactions other than deletions are not logged (History) if the hotel runs on SQL Express (so the database size does not grow very quickly).
    WorldPay integration WIP.

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