Release Notes for version 3,0,1,987

  • Release Notes for version 3,0,1,987

    Version information 3,0,1,987.

    The following changes have been made to HART PMS since the last release.

    Appearance changes that do not affect the functionality of the application e.g. field width, colour changes or button rearrangement are not mentioned in this document.


    Bank details on all Proformas
    Function Sheet displays the dish description (item description) -next to it the notes are wrapped in black
    Function Proforma displays Accommodation per RoomType / Price
    Function email template takes into consideration not only the guest email but the agent email as well (Company, Agent and Contacts email addresses)
    Restaurant Diary→ Services: displays distinctly and has a scroll bar
    Golf deposits include hotel day
    Room Booking→ Traces: Preauthorisation’s button

    Fixed sum in Group Proforma by Reservation
    Group Booking: Recalculate button enhancements (recreates the package for the individual bookings of the group)
    Room Booking change of status does not display the function booking error message


    Verifone Credit Card transactions: extra checks for declined transactions
    Cashier→ Lost tab displays 3 days back (it displayed only today)
    Added terminals for Members
    Enhancements on Member Financials





    User electra can reveal the POS Operator password inside Configuration→ Outlets→ Operators by double clicking on the password column
    Outlets→ Configuration→ POS Exclusion functionality
    Outlets→ Configuration: removed POS receipt configuration checks for Greece
    Financial→ Payments: Card Scheme is now a drop down
    Panel→ Sync Reservations Status/Phase (used in cases when the booking phase is wrong)
    Materials→ Create/Restore buttons fixed
    Budget summaries for expenses now deduct and don’t add to the totals
    Report Scheduler works again



    Departure List selection to display Shared Guest or not.
    Arrival List/In House reports: added Porter option which is a strip down version of the original reports for the day for the Porter.


    POS preparation text does not use DOS anymore
    POS preparation can be issued with mixed (Text/Graphics) scenario
    Service Package Analysis: fixed order by date
    Voiding the last saved item of a POS order, automatically cancels the order


    Vanti (Tottenham) interface
    Verifone: PreAuth and Refund for terminals
    Verifone: Gratuity for terminals
    Verifone Terminal credentials per PC (ability for different Merchant ID per machine)

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