Release Notes for version 3,0,2,003

  • Release Notes for version 3,0,2,003

    Version information 3,0,2,003.

    The following changes have been made to HART PMS since the last release.

    Appearance changes that do not affect the functionality of the application e.g. field width, colour changes or button rearrangement are not mentioned in this document.


    Verifone Terminal distinction between Tokenize and Pre-authorize.
    Activities and gym diary class bookings can now be linked to a room booking and are automatically cancelled if the room is cancelled.
    Fixed Room Reservations issue where we could double click on the Status field of checked in bookings and change it.
    Functions with children calculate correctly now.
    Golf Booking: restored Guest and New buttons.
    Fixed Spa Clipboard functionality.
    Fixed Function Sheet Notes.
    Terminal Pre-authorisation renamed to Tokenize wherever used.


    Front Desk renamed to Reception.


    Sales Office renamed to Sales.
    Rate Matrix: Enhanced functionalities added, where the user can set the rate levels either on property level or per Room Type, Hotel Unit and Rate Plan Revenue Group.
    Revenue field added in Rate Plans (setup from Configuration→ Accounts→ tab Revenue Groups)


    Supplier window: added External Code column (for certain accounting interfaces).
    Suppliers: Next to the VAT Code field where Fiscal Department is keyed in there is a button that lists all the Greek Fiscal Departments. Double click to populate.
    Deliveries: When you double click inside the Cost Centre field, the popup window with all cost centres has a new functionality that filters the entries that contain nominal codes (Accounting check box).



    Added multi Credit Card Scheme prototypes.
    Payment methods: added unit.
    Net rates rounding options for taxation (Global→ Net Rates Rounding).
    Menu Cards: Price per date range option + wizard for group application + Remove Only option.



    Added C4B accounting interface.
    Added Epsilon3 accounting interface (+ Invoices).
    Daily Receipts: Payments based on the day’s Invoices.
    Trial Balance excel export is better looking now.


    Void button does save before voiding.
    POS Refer selection more visible.


    Invoice tax breakdown on total amount (and not per transaction line).
    Mobile POS: POS Server – added Room Number in receipt.

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