Release Notes for version 3,0,2,027

  • Release Notes for version 3,0,2,027

    Version information 3,0,2,027.

    The following changes have been made to HART PMS since the last release.

    Appearance changes that do not affect the functionality of the application e.g. field width, colour changes or button rearrangement are not mentioned in this document.


    Golf Booking: Filter member just like guests.
    Function Diary→ Consolidate.
    Room Rack→ Filter→ added Features.
    Function Booking→ Events: added Amount.
    Group Booking→ Added Copy button.
    Golf Start Sheet: Member to work like all Wizards.
    Room Booking→ Billing: Swipe.
    Room Booking→ Traces: Tokens – Transfer functionality.
    Cancel Booking: Check Group and Individual bookings for a Function Booking cancellation, check Individual bookings for Group booking cancellation.
    Guest Profile: Addition of Expiration date on Activity. When a guest is selected, if there is Activity with date until current date, a window with Activity, Expiry, Status and Notes appears.
    Guest Profile→ Item History: New window for Allergens.
    Guest Profile: fixed bug in Social tab that displayed the Extended information instead.


    Membership→ Limits→ added Points.


    Accounts→ Bookings→ Consolidate functionality
    Guest Query→ Email Template: Does not show the ‘Action Completed Successfully’ message for every email sent.
    Spa Break Rate Plans: added Block tab with Day Range.
    Spa Days Rate Plans: added Blocks tab with Date From – Date To and Day


    Suppliers→ List: added Email, VAT Code, Bank Account.
    Suppliers→ List: Notes & Terms instead of Address & Fiscal Code.
    Items→ Ingredients: New window for Allergens.


    Sales Ledger→ Unallocated→ Batch Pay functionality.


    Access→ Users→ Multi-property functionality.
    Financials→ Payment Methods: added Unit ID.
    Financials→ Credit Card Terminals: added Unit ID.
    Outlets: added Preparation Log checkbox. If checked, it creates prepeartion_log.txt inside the HART folder that logs the graphics preparation printout activity.
    Outlets→ Menu Cards: Change Prices for a Range.
    Housekeeping→ Types: Addition of Pet (stay).
    Materials→ New tab Allergens on Materials.



    Consolidation functionality in selected reports.
    Point of Sales→ Menu Cards: New report ‘Preparation Configuration’.
    Reports: All reports have buttons ‘Save Options’, ‘Select Options’ for saving the selected options except dates, and selecting them on the contrary.


    B5 POS receipts→ removed VAT column, added Total under the detaxation, removed Document, Guest labels if no info exists.
    Check the Order of a Guest for Allergies.


    Actions→ Change Hotel functionality.
    If the hotel is set as Multiproperty (Enable Consolidation) new users are mapped to the Consolidation database automatically.
    To work in Consolidated Hotels from outside the LAN, in HART PMS Log On screen you press Configure and you put the Hamachi server address in the Remote column. Then you select ‘I am working remotely’.
    Net Rates→ Rounding functionality (Global→ Advanced Round Net Rates).
    Invoices→ Rounded prices on invoice printouts.
    Added 2 new email bookmarks: 1) $$HotelID$$ which is replaced with the hotelID of the property, 2) $$Recipient$$ which is replaced with the destination email address

    Verifone (Card not Present): log (hart_verifone.xml) added time in the entries.

    Tokenization changes.
    WBE→ added restaurant deposits.
    Mapping of external Rate Plans with HART Rate Plans for SynXis.


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